Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hey, it's 2015!

So... when I was last here (about four months ago!), the staff at my school were applying for their jobs and ...I did not get mine! That was a bit of a shock! I just didn't provide enough detail in my application. Well, lesson learned. Thankfully, I now have a position in another school but it is miles from our home. So we decided to move. On January 2nd. We are just renting our new place for now, but we are finally in a nice big house, with lots of room for all our stuff! And living here means my drive to work is only 30 minutes rather than 50. It is all very exciting, but a tad stressful. I put my back out while packing which was just on the cusp of the New Year, so I've been pretty much useless since then. Lots of time for reading books though, which has been awesome!

My recent reads have included these:


and you can read the reviews over at my book review blog Owl Book Reviews.
Now I'm off to visit my friends at Sheila's blog, Book Journey, where I can get some more ideas for great reads and films. 

So long for now! xo