Sunday, 7 September 2014

What Are You Reading?

Hello blogging friends!
I have had a pretty stressful week with tradespeople not turning up, and having to apply for my teaching job (we are overstaffed at our school and have to lose 9 teachers for next year!) Also, the teen fiction collection I helped set up in the school library had to be put back with the rest of the books because many of the teachers didn't like the idea. Added to that I had the start of a cold and now have some puky gastro bug. So my week has sucked big time!

Luckily I read some good books, which I have reviewed over at my other blog 

Hopefully I will have a better week and find out that I will keep my job (cross fingers) and that the tradespeople will all turn up (cross toes) and we will have our new kitchen installed (cross everything!) At the moment we have absolutely no kitchen, as hubby ripped out the last of it on Saturday, so a new one would be very good!

Popping over to Book Journey now where hopefully everyone has had a better week than me!

Until then...

Monday, 1 September 2014

What Are You Reading?

Hi, fellow readers! One of the highlights of my week has been reading the story of one of my favourite singers, Pat Benatar. I read this as an ebook and highly recommend it if you have been a fan of Benatar at any time during her career. She is a truly awesome lady! My other reads were a rural chick lit book set in South Australia, and a fashion chick lit book set in Ireland. Both pretty satisfying reads, you can see how I  rated them over at my other blog, Owl Book Reviews.

I am writing this while watching Noah with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connolly, and I am stunned at this sci-fi version of the biblical tale, with its rock monsters, fast growing plants, and dream sequences. Quite bizarre!

Time to visit Book Journey to see what everyone is reading this week!

Until next time...