Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - Pretty girls and dresses

I spent the morning watching the Golden Globes, which I love to do to find out the best movies to see and also to see all the pretty dresses. I even shed a tear when Morgan Freeman won the Cecil B.Demille award.
Love Morgan Freeman.

Here are some of the prettiest ladies in the world looking really good.

My fave was Natalie Portman:

And second standout was Dianna Argon from Glee:

I love the detail in that bodice!
Then Kate Winslet. Her outfit wasn't amazing but I loved her hair and makeup:

Nicole. Her dress was a bit weird, but from the waist up it was stunning, and I loved her hair and make-up:

Kate Beckinsale. Love that nude colour. I prefer the bottom of this dress to the top, as that square shape just doesn't look comfortable. Again her hair and make-up were gorgeous:

And those earrings!

 I loved the colour of Jessica Alba's dress:

Oh, I do love a good awards show!
Which is your favourite dress?


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  2. i think natalie portman has to be my favourite too. that pink gown is just divine!

  3. I think you andI are on the same page! The one thing I liked about Natalie's dress was the red mixed with pink. I think that's going to be a hot trend in the spring.

  4. I loved all those gowns! Nice choices. Another gorgeous one was Viola Davis, which was a red-brown-cinnamon (I think) and she had a short haircut that was stunning.


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